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    QualityCalls Lead Generation is a successful commercial contact center with endless possibilities.

    Specialized in outbound B2B and B2C. We are working with several worldwide prominent clients.


    The bridge between your product or service and customers: that is our vision of Sales. Find keys, open doors and build bridges between customers and companies, there we close the deals with positive results. Why expensive as it could be better ? Quality is our priority ! Let us surprise you and also find out why we are not the first, but are the best.


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    We are very experienced in all telemarketing sectors. Through our many years of experience, we have specialized in the following types of services:

    • Sales Appointments
    • Database Filtering
    • Inbound Support
    • Market Research
    • Telephone Sales
    • Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    Each of these disciplines requires its own approach to achieve an excellent end result.


    Given our successes over the past years, we can confidently look forward to what lies ahead. We share our knowledge and enthusiasm for everyone we can assist. It is possible to fail in many ways ... while there is only one way to succeed and we do that every day!

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    Satisfaction is our right and perfection is what we strive for every day. This is what we try to achieve 24/7. We are proud to assist a wide variety of clients in various industries. Clients who were there from the first minute with QualityCalls and clients who found us in the last years. QualityCalls would like to inform you, if you wish, what we have done for our clients, allowing them to get better results through the outstanding commitment of QualityCalls .

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    Head Office South-America
    Avenida Desembargador Colombo de Sousa 890
    CEP 60.175-410 Fortaleza-Brazil
    Email: info@qualitycalls.biz
    Phone Brazil:+55 85 8623 1450

    Representative Office Europe
    Nieuwe Hemweg 4 C
    1013 BG Amsterdam Netherlands
    Email: info@qualitycalls.biz
    Phone Netherlands: +20 8946 6048
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